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Thursday, January 9, 2014

November ?? What happend?

Sorry for the late updates I got caught up with the holidays and work busting my buns off to get us all caught up before the end of the year.

So what is the status?
Well I have 2 loans that went into "late 90-120" status and 4 loans have been paid in full
to date (1/9/2014) I have 56 notes that are current.

My Balance is 1036.15 But if you figure in the 2 loans that are late and one of them filed Bankruptcy (chapter 7) I lost the investment there of $35.

Then really I have only made $1.15... Wow that was a pisser.

In other news I have acquired a loan from lending club and using that to pay off my credit cards and then keeping the remaining to have as a repayment cushion.

So this is my experience so far with the process of getting the loan. I applied online which was easy. I am a A5 rating. I asked for $35,000 then lending club took a fee of $1050.00 off the top. (That was a bit of a pisser there) But I have already put in a pay off for my credit card which is currently at 3,650 14% and my other card that is 15,020 12% and I paid my auto insurance in full for the rest of the 6 month term. I'm planning to visit family in Japan. Which is going to be a little pricey at close to $5,000 for three round trip tickets. But what I am planning on doing is using my Discover card online shopping to get 5% cash back on that purchase as I plan to use the money from the loan to pay that off fast. Lending Club is 36month @ 10.99% $1010 p/m it's a bit steep but the plus side is there is an end date to the loan and it is not a credit card.

 If your interested. in seeing what you may qualify for in lending club or you may want to pay off you credit cards faster.

I have been working on reducing my interest rate and terms on both my VW and Prius. We currently stand as follows:
VW jetta 2010 2.0t wolfsburg Debt$16,710.00 old loan 57 months remain @ 8.49% $355 p/m
Toyota Prius 2010 Debt $18,065.00 old loan 57 month remain @ 4.75% $353 p/m

The new loan will be:
48months @ 3.5% for both cars. Plus $350 gap insurance on both cars. But I am adding an extended warranty on my car that covers it till the car reaches 100,000 miles. for $2020.00 VW $429 Toyota $415

So the payments will go up a little but the cars will be paid off faster.

We are looking to lower out interest rate on our mortgage from 5.79% to 4.25% still waiting on the paper work to get that done.

What else... I am looking into getting rid of my cable bill and only having internet. I really don't watch TV but only to look at the weather and the news... All of which I can see from my phone. We watch netflix and rent movies from red box. But other then that. We don't watch that much TV. I don't know right off what that bill it. but I want to cut that bill down.

I have been pondering just paying off my wifes' Harley faster. But then again the payment is only $166.74 not sure what she is being charged for interest I need to find that out. Maybe I can refi that as well.

My GSXR is $270@6% I would refi it but I can't afford the full coverage insurance that the bank would require me to have on the bike.